8 thoughts on “The Perfect Fondant Recipe”

  1. Hello Maam, By adding CMC the fondant will turn into gumpaste. Is it okay to add? or should I make only figures of ur fondant recipe.

    1. Hello. Adding CMC to the fondant will harden it. You should only add CMC if you intent on using it in moulds or other uses. But if it is to cover your cake, then leave it as it is. thanks

      1. Thank you MA for this response, I got to try the recipe 2 days back But added the whole cmc and it turned out very hard.now I know what went wrong. Am so excited already for the online class see you on the 31

  2. Well done ma…watched your teddy online class , guess what am a newbie in cake business and I got a request to bake a cake with teddy on it….this is just a miracle. I would have loved your online courses but am not financially balanced now…subsequently I hope to be a part of it. Thanks for your mails….God bless you

  3. This is a nice one ma’am. I have a question mark, what type of water should be used to mix or dissolve the gelatin : hot, cold or at room temperature?. Again, does the gelatine-glucose mixture have to cool down before adding it to the dry ingridents? Or I should just pour it in once it’s off the stove?
    Thank you very much. God bless

    1. Just use normal water at room temperature to dissolve the gelatine before placing in hot water. The mixture doesnt have to cool down, you can use it immediately.

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