Mini Course


Welcome. Here we would learn how to mix fondant from scratch, how to prepare your cakes for covering and how to cover your cakes perfectly.

Please watch the each video carefully and take note of all my instructions.

Lesson 1

Click to get The Perfect Fondant Recipe

Lesson 2

Arranging your cake in preparation for covering.

Lesson 3

How to cover your cake using the blanket method

Lesson 4

Covering your cake using the panelling method.

Lesson 5

Covering the board of your cake

Lesson 6

How to cover a square cake using the panelling method

Home work

Cover a real cake, even if it is a small one using what you have learnt in these lessons. You can use either the blanket or panelling method.

Show us your covered cake on facebook with the hashtag #coveredcake. Kindly tag me on the post to ensure that I see it.

This should be sent within a week from now.

The earlier you try it out the better. If you have any questions for me regarding this module, please send it on the facebook group. thanks.