Are you a passionate cake maker but fondant decoration has always been a problem for you?
Is time and location also a problem when it comes to finding a tutor?

Then you are in the right place! Join our on line course: BEAUTIFUL FONDANT CAKES

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So you bake really nice cakes but any time a client demands for fondant cakes you get totally nervous, in fact, it gives you sleepless nights. 

Your fondant breaks and tears when you cover your cake, it’s just never looks smooth like how you really want it to be. It cracks and dries out even before you are done.

You keep wasting so much energy, time and ingredients.
You give it a second try and nothing seems to change, now you are having even worse sleepless nights wondering how the customer would react.

The final outcome is far from the picture that was sent to you and the customer is definitely unhappy. You end up refunding just to save your face.

Your fondant cakes are always shoved aside at parties because its simply not appealing to the eyes thou it tastes great. Totally depressing.

So you try to learn from some tutors that do amazing jobs but time is a problem, location and price. Lack of knowledge of fondant decoration has hindered you from taking your business to the next level!
It is absolutely time to do something about it!

Then you are in the right place! Join our on line course: BEAUTIFUL FONDANT CAKES

“BEAUTIFUL FONDANT CAKES” is an on line course that teaches fondant decoration from the basics. It comprises of video lessons, pdf documents and slides that explain the art of fondant decoration from mixing the perfect fondant to decorating beautiful neat cakes.

In this Course, I have taken my time to break down and explain in details steps in which you can follow to achieve great results. The video tutorials show several simplified techniques you can adopt to design really lovely cakes.

And guess what, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get this training. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer with internet connection to access the lessons.

This online class is unique because you get to watch the tutorials over and over again, this is as good as or even better than having a private class with me.

You will also be part of a facebook group where we can discuss, display our works and make corrections. You’ll never have to struggle with that fondant again!



You'll be learning how to arrange straight cakes in preparation for covering.
How to cover cakes using the panel method and the blanket method.
How to give your cake a perfect sharp edge.


You'll be learning simple but pretty methods of decorating your fondant cakes.
Decorating using
The Cut and paste method
The Marble effect
The surprise effect
And the Umbre Effect


You'll be learning How to make 5 differnet beautiful ruffles
and how to make pretty bows


You'll be learning how to make 5 beautiful flowers with an ordinary circle cutter and how to make basic roses and peonies to beautify your cakes.


You'll be learning how to make toppers for your cakes
Stiletto shoes
Baby shoes
Cartoon character toppers
Sugar teddy bear moulding
Making crowns embellished with moulds

module 6

You'll be learning simplified cake painting techniques
Painting a beautiful sunset
Landscape painting with poppy flowers
Pretty floral painting

There is More!

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My name is Bimpe lawal Omotosho, I own Switbee Cakes which I can proudly say has become a household name in Kaduna within a period of 3 years. But all wasn’t rosy from the beginning.

I was a wife and a mother who hated her 8 to 5 job. I was new to my environment and barely knew anyone. But my drive and passion, my hunger for knowledge and my quest for financial freedom pushed me to follow my passion. Now I have a successful cake business. You can do it too!

I love training people as much as I like making cake. I have trained over 50 students in cake decoration, 80 percent of whom now have their own sustainable cake businesses. I have an Instagram page that showcases more than a thousand beautiful fondant cakes.


U are the best, sharing ur knowledge with us without twisting or hiding some things abt the process is wow, the lessons are so straight forward like u giving us direct expo.

-Aisha Lawal

It's been an interesting class,you are a good instructor, I've participated in online classes,that is quite expensive than this one and non comes close to how you break down each module to its simplest form. you make everything very easy

-Grace Yalen Anthony


You will be given a user name and password so that you can access video lessons from a link on our website. Each module has its own video lessons which will be released weekly. The video lessons will show you a step by step method of achieving beautiful fondant cakes

You will be given PDF templates where necessary that you can download and make use of in some of your assignments. This will follow the lesson as appropriate.

You will be given assignments. Which means, you'll need to make your own version of whatever has been taught. Your assignments will be submitted on the facebook group where we would make corrections, discuss and answer further questions.

You would also be added to an exclusive Facebook group, where you can interact with your class mates, ask questions directly and submit assignments.You will have a lifetime access to this Facebook group, but I'll be answering your questions within the 6 weeks of the course.


Create beautiful perfect finished cakes with a sharp edge.

Attract bigger and better clients with your new found confidence in fondant decoration.

Conquer more challemges in your cake business leading to faster growth


Take your business to the next level and make more money.


Taking this online course is like having a private class with us or even better, because you have the chance to watch the video tutorials over and over again for 3 months and you have access to me on the exclusive facebook group for 6 whole weeks.

The Cost of a private cake class on fondant decoration is at least N100,000 ($280). You’ll be paying only 25% of this. The course is just N25,000 ($70).

N100,000 just N25,000.

Have you considered the cost of transportation if it were a physical class. We have also saved you another major cost.
Our bonus course “HOW TO GET YOUR 50 FIRST CUSTOMERS” is worth N25,000 ($70). You get it for FREE!
N25,000 ($70)
Our second bonus course “How to stack and dowel your tiered cake” is also absolutely free!

So what are you waiting for, this is a great deal. Plus the cost of this course will be increasing the next time it’s launched.


You can bake a decent cake but fondant decoration is a problem for you.

You are a beginner in the cake business

You want to up your skills in fondant decoration and time and location for tutelage from your best baker is a problem.

You want to take your cake business to the next level.

You need a mentor and attention in cake decoration


When is the course Starting?
7th September, 2019.

How do I pay for the course?
You can pay by adding your card details in the Pay Stack window that will pop up when you click the “Click here” button. If you are paying in Dollar, you will see another button that directs you appropriately.

How long is the course for?
The course is for 6 weeks. I will be available on the Facebook group to answer your questions, review your homework and give you basic support. You will have access for another 3 months after the course has ended.

Are the videos downloadable?
No, you cannot download the video, neither can you share the link or password with anyone. If you do so, your access would be cut off.

Can we ask questions pertaining other topics not within the course?
No, only questions within the course topic would be entertained.

To Join our on line course: BEAUTIFUL FONDANT CAKES

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