How to make a Castle Tower

Hi guys. Just wanted to share this with you, hope it helps😁
Things to note:

Add CMC to the fondant used for the tower and the cone on the top so that it can stand firm. I'll also advice that you make it a day before so that it's dry and lighter in weight.
When it's dry it may be a little harder to gum together, so use a flat fresh fondant inbetween the cone and the tower, add a little water to ensure it sticks.

Also make sure the Fondant stretched out for the circles is paper thing so it looks good and it's not too heavy.

There are many designs you can try out, but hope this helps as the basics 😉
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  1. Thank u so much ma for sharing this God bless u for me o I have been wondering how the castle is done but now I know God bless u more wisdom

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