How to Mix Colours like a Pro


Have you ever needed a particular colour in your fondant or butter icing, then last minute you realise it's not available?

This happens to me all the time😂. You can never have enough colours.

That is why it is so important to understand the colour wheel so that you never get stuck or have to waste the left overs.

So here it goes.

We have primary colors: RED, BLUE n YELLOW.
We have secondary colors: GREEN, PURPLE n ORANGE.

You mix primary colours to get secondary colours.

Yellow + Red = Orange
Blue + yellow = green
Blue + red = purple ( Blue + Pink= Very sweet purple) I personally prefer this.

Now colours have shades, the proportion you combine will determine the shades you get.

If you want a light version of a colour, add a lot of white.

Orange + black = brown
Red + black = chocolate brown
White + black = grey
Green + tiny black = army green
Blue + green = teal

Now knowing this, you can manage your fondant or butter cream really well. For example, you have blue and yellow left over fondant but you need green.
Will you mix a fresh fondant again and add colour green to it?
No! You simply mix the blue and green.
More yellow +less blue = Lemon green
More blue + less yellow = Forest green.

I know you have a lot of colours on your mind😊 Ask me in the comment section👇

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    1. Every brand has its pros and cons. I use mekang powdered black nd red, it is very sharp. I use Acabado pink, its very sharp and so on.

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