How to Use a Cake Stencil

So since I learnt how to use a stencil on my fondant cakes, it has been so exciting. I bought so many stencils to play around with and discover new beautiful and intricate designs.

Using a stencil is much easier than you think, All you need to do is to mix your royal icing in the right proportion and you are half way there.

Recipe for Royal Icing:

200g of Icing Sugar

1 egg white

A drop of Lemon juice

Mix together until smooth and a little bit fluffy. You can color the royal icing as you please. Ensure to put your royal icing in a nylon bag to avoid drying, it dries very fast.

Pin or tape your stencil to your fondant cake as desired. Make sure that the stencil is as flat as possible to the body of the cake.

Use your small metal spatular or a small butter cream scrapper to apply the icing to the stencil.

If you wish to paint gold or silver, do so with a brush or better yet spray with an airbrush machine before removing the stencil.

Remove the stencil slowly and you a done. Practice makes perfect!

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  1. Ma’am if I want to paint gold, do I Apple royal icing first and then put the gold on top, or just paint with gold directly?
    How can I use gold with edible spirit in an airbrush machine?

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