Raining Season and Fondant Problems


I had a beautiful March morning today. I woke up to a soothing breeze from the overnight rain and it felt like showers of blessings.

Then I remembered my fondant cakes and what this lovely moist weather can do to them.

Have you ever experienced a sweating, melting fondant? Yes, the humidity during the raining seasons could cause this problem for your fondant cakes.


1. Make sure your cakes are at room temperature before you cover it with fondant, do not cover a frozen or cold cake, it would make your fondant to sweat after covering the cake.

2. Please do not use egg white recipe during this lovely weather, it absorbs more humidity.

3. Use more of corn flour to prevent sticking.

4. Shield your cake away from heat as much as possible.

5. Make sure that your fondant is thicker in this season, dont stretch out too thing when covering your cakes.

6. Beware of the pregnant fondant! If you notice that there is any air trapped when covering your fondant, ensure to poke it with a toothpick and smoothen out before continuing. If you dont, the air will expand and you will have a pregnant fondant which could spoil your work.

7. do not make your fondant too soft, the fondant to be used to cover your cake should be a bit harder this season so that it doesn't loose shape easily due to heat or humidity.

8. Your cake takes longer to dry, flowers and other toppers made with fondant inclusive, so take note of this and manage your time well by working ahead of time.

But the humid weather still has it's advantages:
1. You don't have to work on your fondant with lightning speed anymore. You can take your time to achieve that beautiful sharp edge.

2. Your fondant doesn't go to waste as much, it's not going to turn to stone anytime soon.

3. The elephant skin palava is also gone! No more dryness, so no more elephant skin on your cakes.

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30 thoughts on “Raining Season and Fondant Problems”

  1. Thanks Bimpe. You are indeed a wonderful teacher. May Allah reward your kindness with more knowledge. Thanks again.

  2. making the Fundant to be thick and flexible for use is still my biggest problem. usually my Fundant sticks to my work space and become all messy. I wouldn’t mind a tutorial for a perfect Fundant with video if possible.

    1. Hello Chiamaka. I would be launching a mini course on making the perfect fondant and covering cake perfectly. It is a Mini course of Beautiful fondant cakes. I would send you an email once registration has started. This would definitely help you. Cheers.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I think tylose can also be of help this period as it helps in the drying of fondant.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful tips, it will definitely help in guiding us on fondant covering during this season

  5. Thank you switbee for the tips.The Lord continue to bless you. Please I do have a question,for instance I have covered my cake successful and it arrives at the hall beautifully and suddenly the fondant began to crack such that the cake is noticed,what do I do there and then even on a rainy day.Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. That is a very difficult situation. If you had allowed your cake to dry before delivery, this could hardly happen. The cake is already at the venue, yu might as well just cover up the damage with a mould pattern or flowers.

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