The Sequin Fondant Method

Sequin cake tutorial. Note: they are not really piritin tablets. I just tried to describe the shape of the cut outs😋 Its fondant cut into tiny circles with a circle cutter or a large mouth piping tip..

If you can't cut out the fondant, you can buy sprinkles that have a circle shape and use thesame method. As long as you paint it gold or silver after, d colour doesn't matter.

so this us the outcome of our sequin cake😊.

Things you should note:
1. Make sure the cake is not yet dry before applying the sprinkles, apply it preferably a few minutes after covering the cake. If it's too dry, it's more difficult to gum.

2. Spray with water before brushing with the gold colour. It makes it shine better then it secures the sprinkles that weren't well hummed and gets rid of those that didn't gum at all.

3. Paint with mettalic luster and edible spirit. You can paint twice to ensure a shiny finish.

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